Classic Ferray Hole Detector

PRODUCT: Graceland - 78CP

Hole Detection that is ever-ready to provide reliable detection of holes.  Each Ferray Receiver auto sets using digital self-bias w/ no adjustments needed. Total reliable detection of holes.             

The Ferray Receiver is the most advanced method of hole detection. The Logic Domain provides visual and audible alarm in real time. Quick Disconnects are customized for a turn key installation. No other hole detection is easier to install & as reliable in operation.





Logic Domain I/O Station

The Logic Domain has a precision digital selector reference to the CF Transmission level in each Ferray Receiver. This feature permits the customer to control the detection level w/ digital linear output logic verification.  The Auto-Set feature ensures 100% detection of holes.





Real Time Mapping Software

The Real Time Mapping Software displays all holes & paper breaks with Size Classification referenced to each Ferray Receiver.  Each hole displays a number corresponding to its hole size.